Who we are


CEO & Co Founder. Cyril is an acoustics engineer, with Masters from UTC in France, and Georgia Tech in the US. He worked at Bose, and later at Apple in the acoustics team from 2007 until 2013. Cyril later attended Stanford Business school. He most recently managed Europe business for Tymphany, a premium audio OEM. His projects included deliverables for B&O, B&W, Marshall, Naim, Focal, and many more. See Bio on LinkedIn.




Managing Director. Christophe is an experienced growth executive with proven results managing sales and marketing for some leading brands such as Häagen-Dazs, L’Occitane, Bose and Devialet. Before joining the adventure at Forward Labs, he was CSO (Chief Sales Officer) at Devialet and launched internationally their Phantom product. Before that, Christophe managed Bose Europe retail operations, and earlier managed L’Occitane business in the US. See Bio on LinkedIn.


CTO & Co Founder. Firmware & Software engineer. Jake has 15 years of experience in both audio and coding and has worked at Pure and Tymphany, a premium audio OEM. He managed a team of 40 in China developing wifi / BT speakers for B&O, B&W, Marley, Klipsh, and other high end manufacturers. See Bio on LinkedIn.



Mechanical engineer. Bastien has over 12 years of experience in consumer electronics and is an industrialization expert. He has scaled designs and operations from humble beginning to shipping millions of devices. See Bio on LinkedIn.



Software engineer. Greg has 20 years of experience in large scale software projects. From low level media chipset companies to mobile apps, cloud, AI/ML development, he has shipped millions of products for top customer brands. He has co-founded and has been involved from an early stage in three startups which all exited successfully. See Bio on LinkedIn.


from Paris, with Love

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