Our mission

For many, innovation is the abundance of new product features. At Forward Labs, we see innovation through a constant improvement of the user experience.

Our Products unlock the richness of new streaming contents, by boiling down technology to its essence to deliver the most satisfying user experience everyday.

We are to Streaming what the iPod was to MP3s.


First two products

The simple act of listening has been complexified; many new content types don’t easily make their way into users’ life and habits.

Below are the first two use cases we solve for.

Padam , at home

Through simple buttons and a slick minimalist interface, the speaker becomes your daily routines companion. Listen to your favorite music, podcasts and radio at the twist of a dial. Discover new contents based on your activity (listen, learn, cook, meditatate, etc...). All of this free from your phone!


For children between 4 and 10 years old, we design a new device dedicated to quality educational content that delivers the most delightful listening experience. We partner with recognized experts and content provider for children. (Parents stay in control of the content, and kids enjoy easily and independently).

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