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With just one-touch, listen to your favorite online playlists and podcasts.

No phone required.


Listening shouldn't be complicated

We made adding audio to your everyday experiences simple. No more need to connect devices and navigate apps every time you just want to play your favorite content. 

A more useful Wi-Fi speaker is coming soon.


We are makers not marketers.

We spent the last two decades developing audio products for some of the world’s most respected and recognized brands. These products are often promoted through exaggerated lifestyle campaigns targeting users that don’t actually exist. Our products will be honest and authentic, delivering everyday value to real users. 


With a refined design, our products will be a part of your home - elegantly subtle and never out of place. 


One-Touch User Interface

With a familiar twist of a knob, access your favorite online playlists and podcasts - no phone required.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity

More than just a Bluetooth speaker, with a Wi-Fi connection to your home network or mobile hotspot, the speaker can directly access online streaming services eliminating the need to use your phone for control.



Listen on the patio, while cooking, or out in the garden, when removed from its dock, the speaker’s built-in battery provides six hours of playtime.


High Quality Acoustics

Our background as makers in the audio industry equips us with the skillset to deliver on the promise of high fidelity audio. Hundreds of successes and thousands of mistakes taught us how to design a system to sound its best. The performance of this speaker, is something we're proud of.  


Built using moisture resistant materials, our speaker is IPX5 certified offering you the freedom to listen in the bathroom or in the rain. 


Made to Play

Our speaker wasn't designed to be a smart home hub or a search portal. Its dedicated focus is to play your favorite online content. A simple to use interface and premium sound take precedence over any add-on feature.





"I never use my Bluetooth speaker because it’s too complicated."

— Max, Designer